Open Call for Moon Village Principles – Activities Award

Deadline: January 01, 2022

MVP – Activities Award Guidelines

The “Moon Village Principles (MVP)” were issued in December 2018, defining for the first time the boundary of the Moon Village. Within the boundary of the MV there are Missions and Activities. Starting in 2019, Moon Village Association is annually assessing missions and activities of various organizations with respect to MVP. This is done to transform the MV concept in real mission and activities fostering global cooperation between Organizations and Individuals.

In March 2019, the first MVP – Missions awards were announced and in December 2019 they were handed over in Japan, during the 3rd International Moon Village Workshop & Symposium.

The purpose of this Call is to request information about MVP – Activities, which have made significant contribution for future lunar exploration, development and/or settlement. MVP activities are, for example: R&D projects, university/industry/research centre studies and reports, analogue campaigns, etc.  

The call is open, which means Activities can be submitted anytime during the year. The Activities will be eligible to enter the MVP-Activities Award for the year that it is submitted (before a specific deadline, that will be announced).

The activities do not involve flight hardware, which are part of the MVP –Missions awards.

The following general guidelines apply to all MVP- Activities awards:

  1. Membership in Moon Village Association (MAV) is not a prerequisite for an award
  2. All MVA members have the right to nominate activities including its own activities
  3. Decisions of the MVA Awards Committee will prevail
  4. Activities must have a global impact and in line with Moon Village Principles

Required Documentation

Please send us the documents listed below in English. Incomplete proposals for nomination will not be considered by the MVA Awards Committee:

  1. Nominator’s name, affiliation, title, address, phone number, and email;
  2. Nominated activity information, including:
    1. Title
    2. Person leading the activity and its affiliation, title, address, phone number, and email
    3. An activity description in max 500 words with related references to the activity, or the PDF of the report issued
  3. A “compliance matrix” of the nominated activity with the MV Principles – i.e., identification of which MV Principles the particular activities support. The compliance matrix can be found here

Please send your proposal for nomination, by email to:

Prof. Gongling Sun, Moon Village Missions and Activity Coordinator:,
with a copy to Glafki Antoniou, MVA management support:

The selection of the nominations received for the MVP – Activities Award will be carried out by the MVA Awards Committee; the results will be notified before the Awards Session takes place.

The Awards Session usually takes place during the International Moon Village Workshop and Symposium. In 2020 the Workshop will take place in Nicosia, Cyprus. The winner will be granted the first Moon Village Principles – Activity Award and a free individual membership for three years. Other prizes are subject to sponsors availability.

Please note that the submitted activities will be uploaded on the MVA website and thus be available to the public, in order to increase their visibility and foster their global cooperation.