What is GEGSLA?

In 2020, the Moon Village Association (MVA) took an initiative to address critical lunar issues with the goal of de-risking future lunar missions and increasing global cooperation for lunar exploration and settlement. Therefore, the MVA decided to promote the development of a neutral forum for multi-stakeholder discussions on lunar exploration: the Global Expert Group on Sustainable Lunar Activities or (GEGSLA). The Group was composed of members from Space Agencies, Government, Industry, International Organizations, NGOs, Universities and Research Centers. The public was also involved via a public consultation.

The activities of the Group started in February 2021 and were completed by the end 2022 with the publication of the report: “Recommended Framework and Key Elements for Peaceful and Sustainable Lunar Activities”. This report also includes Annex-1 related to Guidelines for the implementation of the key elements and Annex-2 related to future issues.

The report will be distributed, at large, including at the UN COPUOS and all major international fora. MVA will foster discussion about Lunar Governance issues at the UN based on this report.

GEGSLA Operational Phase

From January 2023, it started the GEGSLA Operational Phase. The goals of this phase is to promote consideration and implementation of the Recommended Framework produced by the Group, with special focus on discussions conducted within the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNCOPUOS) as well as exchange information on the ongoing lunar missions. The support to these discussions is possible since MVA has permanent observer status within COPUOS.

GEGSLA Operational Phase Project Plan

Details of the operational phase are included un the GEGSLA Operational Phase Project Plan.

GEGSLA Operational Phase Project Plan 240.30 KB 84 downloads

Preliminary Work Plan 2023

1st Meeting 31 January, aimed to prepare the STSC

2nd Meeting 16 May, aimed to prepare the COPUOS

3rd Meeting  September date TBC, aimed to industry presentations/discussions

4th Meeting  Noevember date TBC, aimed to accademia presentations/discussions