Call for Presentations – 1st Online Global Moon Village Workshop & Symposium

Deadline: February 01, 2022

Presentations and posters are solicited dealing with current and proposed lunar return plans from the entire global community. 

Due to the Online nature of the Workshop & Symposium the conventional Call for Papers for this workshop will be different. MVA will not be seeking full manuscripts for this 2020 workshop. At this time MVA would request each of you to propose specific topics and presentations and also reach out to potential speakers and attendees from the global community at large. 

Instructions for submitting presentations:

  • 10-minute presentation in PPT or PDF format.
  • Deadline for the submission of outline/draft of the presentations is Monday September 21, 2020.
  • Deadline for submission of final presentation, if selected by the IPC, is October 20, 2020
  • Submission via email to International Programme Committee (IPC) Co-Chairs:
    Marcello Coradini:
    Madhu Thangavelu:
    copy to: MVA Management Support: (

All presentations will be placed in an on-line repository that will remain accessible also after the online Workshop & Symposium

The basic criterion for the presentation to be accepted for the repository is to address Science, Technology, Programmatic and Policies related to the manned and unmanned exploration of the Moon. MVA takes no responsibility for any statement on Programs and/or Policies that the authors will formulate.

The MVA International Program Committee (IPC) will select a subset of the received presentation for a live presentation. Given the global character of the event we will try to adjust the time of the presentations to the vast time differences with a goal to maximize the on-line participation.

The IPC will provide submission feedback and format particulars by September 30, 2020 the latest.

Please note that the IPC will not provide any justification for the choice (oral presentation or repository) they will make about your submitted paper. IPC will contact an author only in the case the submitted contributions is not considered adequate neither for oral presentation nor for the insertion in the repository.

With your help, MVA hopes to make this MVA 2020 workshop a resounding success; one that will provide further impetus for early and sustained activities on our Moon while bringing the globe together in a most peaceful and progressive collaborative pursuit.

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